Dashboard Widget Functionality

Search Boxes

Search Boxes do not use Boolean Logic; one term per search. Searches are cleared by “clicking” on “X” associated with Filter:  filter_name X displayed in the upper left of the screen.


Dictionaries are a collection of terms concerning a related topic.  We will add more dictionaries if users request more topics.

Dictionary Tables provide greater specificity in a search in that only the line in which the term is present is displayed in the table.  You can enhance the specificity by using a Search term on the Dictionary Table.

Bar and Line Graphs

Data can be selected by either “dragging” to select multiple bars in a group or right clicking select individual bars.

Dropdown Menus

Multiple selections are made by “clicking” once on an item.  You will see it added to the selection box. Selecting the x next to the item in the selection bx removes the item.

Dashboard Summaries

FDA Inspections: Company Citations

Explore Company Citations using the ViewFinder. Interactive filters allow the user to “deep dive” based on Company name(s), dates, dictionary terms, or user input.

Full Text 483 Forms

Explore the context of 483 forms made available through FOIA and FDA postings. The inspector names have been extracted and can be matched with the findings to provide insight to the path the inspector may take during an inspection.

Warning Letters

This Section provides full text Warning Letters from CDER and CBER. Compare findings to the CFR to obtain insight into types of violations that led to Warning Letters.

CFR 210 – 211

This Section contains the full text of CFR 210 and 211. Use this for rapid look-up of regulations.

Guidance Documents

This Section contains full text of FDA Guidance Documents. Use it for quick lookup of Guidance Recommendations.

Additional Support

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