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Enhance Pharma Compliance and Operations

FDA Pharma Data

Explore Pharma-based FDA data including 483 Filings, Adverse Event Reports, and Warning Letters.


Interactive Analytics

Natural Language Processing algorithms and visual elements enable you to visually discover insights.

Simple Pricing

One price gives you access to the FDA Pharma data and Interactive Analytics for one year including all data and system updates.


Enhance Situational Awareness

FDA ViewFinder keeps track of current activities related to inspections and adverse events in one application.  Using Natural Language Processing, the system scans PubMed for recent publications regarding adverse events as well as events posted in MedWatch.

483 Filings and Guidance Documents are automatically uploaded and added to the database. This data is evaluated using NLP and Machine Learning for topics applicable to Operations.

Assess Your Suppliers and Competition

Use our visual data explorer to characterize how your pharma manufacturing suppliers and competition are performing based on FDA data.

  • Find out if your competition is providing an opportunity for your business.
  • Determine if your suppliers are performing well.

Operationalizing FDA Data Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

FDA data is difficult to make useful, and your time is limited. Our system leverages state of the art AI techniques enabling you to focus on discovering insights and solving problems while assigning the tedium to machines.


Discover insights in minutes, not months.

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